Karin Henderson

"I had been a Licensed Practical Nurse for about 8 years and had always kept the goal and dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. I was working full time in our community hospital; weekends, nights, and especially holidays to meet the needs of my family and three small children. Yet, my desire to learn more and be more kept at the forefront of my thoughts on a daily basis. I gave good care to my patients, but I often wondered how my patients would benefit if I had more knowledge and skill in the field of nursing. In the fall of 1991 I returned to school, totally as a leap of faith because as you can imagine with three children....somebody always needed shoes, glasses, clothes and as any mom knows...the list goes on and on. The financial resources were limited.

I applied and received a Great 100 Scholarship. I can remember vividly how emotional this was for me. It was humbling to know that other nurses were there supporting me, a whole community of caring professionals who, while they didn't know my particular needs, were reaching out to lift me up to a higher level. It certainly helped drive my efforts in school knowing that I was there through the efforts of others.

In 1994 I concluded my time as an LPN and received my Bachelor of Science degree as a Nurse. In 1998 that same drive to learn more and be more stayed with me as my new focus was on creating an environment where other nurses could deliver THEIR best care and make a difference for patients. That same year I received a Master's in Nursing, was named a Great 100 Nurse, and was named to the Circle of Excellence in Nursing Leadership by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Other promotions and honors have followed.....and while my name may be on the diplomas, plaques, and administrative doorways, I am there because of the efforts of others....those caring nurses who helped make it possible for this nurse to be more."

Karin Henderson, RN, MSN, CENP, CCRN, CS, GNP
Director of Nursing and Patient Services
Food and Nutrition Services
The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital
Cone Health