Thank you for your interest in the Great 100! The Board is proud to support the mission of celebrating nursing excellence and invite you to join us in our work to do just that. The Great 100 is recognized across our State in the mission To positively impact the image of Nursing by recognizing Nursing Excellence and providing scholarships for Nursing Education in North Carolina.

What is the Great 100?

The Great 100, Inc. is a grassroots peer recognition organization honoring the nursing profession in North Carolina by:

  • Recognizing the importance of Registered Nurses in diverse practice settings
  • Positively impacting the image of nursing and nursing as a profession
  • Acknowledging 100 North Carolina Nurses annually who demonstrate excellence in practice and commitment to their profession
  • Contributing funds for scholarships for Registered Nurse education.

In the summer of 1988, a Registered Nurse by the name of Heather Thorne, called together a group of Registered Nurses from across North Carolina to develop a plan for selecting and recognizing Registered Nurses. The recipients would be recognized for their outstanding professional ability and for the contributions they had made to improving the healthcare services in their community. Her dream, modeled after a program developed by Registered Nurses in Louisiana, was designed to promote nursing and to raise funds for nursing scholarships. Since 1989, the Great 100 has been able to award over $736,000 in nursing scholarships. Schools/programs of nursing education are selected via a rotating basis.

Board  of  2016

 Executive Committee
President   Wanda Adams
President-elect   TBA Fall of 2016
Past President, Bylaws Chair   Carla Tweddale
Treasurer   Harriette Saunders
Secretary   Phyllis Knight-Brown
Alumni Chair   Gayle Mueller
Fundraising Chair   Anne Brown
Gala Chair   Becky Beauchamp
Marketing Chair   Carrie Edgison/Jan Teal
Nominating Chair   Melissa Whittington
Publications Chair   Renee Bridges
Scholarship Chair   Todd Friday
Selections Chair   Carrie Edgison/Sheila Smallwood
Board Member   Rhonda Creech

Interested in becoming a Great 100, Inc. board member? 

Registered Nurses interested in becoming a Great 100 Board member must be a Great 100 recipient, licensed and working in North Carolina.

Please contact Carla Tweddale for more information.

Great 100, Inc. Board of Directors

Great 100 Board